Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 19

Disrespecting your parents

This is not a tough one for me. I believe that your parents deserve respect. I didn't even curse around my parents until maybe the last 5 years, and still I cannot say the 'F' word in front of them. I never talked back. My mom was pretty hardcore with the verbal discipline, and I never wanted to find out if she would make good on her 'promises' and I learned to just fade into the back ground.

I only got in trouble once in my youth, I think I was 12, Little Bro would have been about 4, and I said something like, "I wish he had never been born!!!" and my dad grabbed my arm and said, "So you wish that he was dead??" and I got sent to my room. No, I mean...I didn't wish he was DEAD, I just didn't ever want him there to begin with! I was the baby for 8 years! COME ON! That was it though, I didn't want to disappoint them or hurt them.

Our parents have gone through a lot of shit. I mean, most of us have it pretty darn good, but refuse to see it. My dad was tossed from one foster home to the next when his mom was tired of him and his sisters. When grandma needed the money she took the kids back for more Welfare $$. And my mom...well, her house was made of Mexico. 'Nuff said. They deserve respect. They earned it. And it drives me crazy that kids today get away with way too much and have no consequences...and they think they're entitled. BUT, that is a whole different post...sigh.

Respect your parents. Always.

***Disclaimer....there are certain parents out there who do not deserve the kind of respect that I give my parent. Abuse, neglect and other ugly realities exist and those people don't deserve the children that they had/have.


Kelly said...

Ah...your parents are ADORABLE!!!!! I can totally see you as never getting it trouble! You just don't strike me as a trouble maker!

Shanna May said...

What Kelly said. Having met them, I can attest that they are every bit as adorable as their picture!! Respect is huge for me too. I've been given the excellent challenge of trying to get my very-precocious daughter to be as respectful as I was brought up to be. It's tough. I have yet to master "the look" that my mom would give me whenever I would cross the line, I suppose. *shivers" I can still see "the look" and it still chills me to the bone.

The Sports Mama said...

I love your parents. They helped me through some rough patches in high school. :)

And they are still just adorable. :)