Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 18

My Beliefs

Hmmm, how to approach this...list? I think so.

I believe the children are our future...oh, wait....that's a song right?

Seriously, I think I covered a lot of my beliefs along the way here, I'll just do up some bullet points:
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason
  • I believe there is something guiding the universe (faith) and every person's 'something' can be different
  • I believe that a run, coffee and chatting with a friend is great therapy
  • I believe that shopping, margaritas, trying on fancy dresses and chatting with friends is even better therapy!
  • I believe that every person meets for a reason, we all play a role in this movie called 'Life'
  • I believe that teachers are severely underpaid
  • I believe that parents should take responsibility for raising their children
  • I believe that I grew up in the best decade ever (the 80s-90s rule!)
  • I believe that mistakes are life lessons, we should all make them
  • I believe that you should pick up after your dog - Pooh Kharma is real people!!
  • I believe that every day is a gift, some days it may feel like a prank, but hey, we're still alive
  • I believe that I don't want to live past 80, we'll see what I say if I'm still here at 79 :)
That's about it. I mean, there is a LOT of stuff that I believe, but really, this is the good list. Now, in theses past couple of days some of my college day friends have been posting pictures...OMG, funny. I'll be posting these in the next couple of days, starting with this one (take note, I always drank good beer!):

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