Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogging project - Day 1

Oh, let's see...I've been married for 11 1/2 year and together with Trainer for 16 years. Can I stop there? No? Really?

I've blogged about my relationship before, I've blogged about marriage before. It's like this (for us anyway) - marriage is work, it is hard and can get down right brutal (emotionally) some days. But, every single step, mistake, trip leads us down this path...a path that is full of love and reward and understanding, not only of the other person but of yourself. I never knew how to value myself until I was forced to look into the mirror. Was I worth love? Yes. AM I worth loving? Yes. Do I love myself? More than ever.

Trainer and I met when I was 21, graduating from college and entering my 'wild' (haha) phase. For me 'wild' was spending all of my tips (@ $40 a night) on beer, staying out until 4am and going back to work at 11am. We didn't hook up immediately, but once we did there was no looking back. We had a connection (albeit completely sexual at that point) that led us from the bedroom 16 years ago the the alter. Life is funny that way.

I love him, I love myself, I love our life. Marriage is hard, it is work, but it is worth every tear, every heartache, every smile.


Kelly said...

Ah...so well said. I love that picture of you too!!

The Sports Mama said...

I've told you before how much I llluuuurrrvvveeee that picture! :)

Yep. Still do. :)

And it always strikes me as funny, that the only relationships that truly understand the whole "gotta WORK to make it work" philosophy are the ones that have been down that road, often many times, and seen it *almost* stop working.

I'm glad he still makes your heart happy. Now I won't have to kill him. :)

Shanna May said...

"I'm glad he still makes your heart happy. Now I won't have to kill him. :)"

I think I LOVE The Sports Mama! I couldn't have said it better myself! Smooches!