Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 10

I know, I know...two in one day! But, I forgot to post my 'Day 9' yesterday!

My first love and first kiss

Well, they are definitely not one in the same! My first childhood kiss was with Alan D., a kid who lived down the street from me, we were in 4th grade. We snuck behind my fence and it was over in a millisecond! Ha! My first 'real' kiss (that made me feel all tingly) was with Dan R. in the back of his mom's van on the way back from watching him play hockey. Super romantic!! (NOT!) We had no idea what we were doing, I believe I was 15 at the time, Sophomores in HS. I was pretty much a prude, so 1st base was really it for me. Okay, that's a lie, I think I got to at least 3rd base by the end of HS. BUT, didn't go 'all the way.'


My first love...*big sigh*....Ricky. The summer after HS Hoe and I went to upstate NY to spend the summer up there. I supposedly had a job (that is why my mom let me go), but in reality Hoe and I just split her paycheck and we were both the grounds keepers at this pool. I'll have to find some of the pics and scan and post. HIL-AR-I-OUS!

Anyway, within our first week there I had met most of the town (it's really tiny) and we went to a party at the 'beach.' (The beach was really a sandy area where there was once water.) All of the kids hung out there around a bonfire drinking and doing stuff that kids shouldn't be doing. It was great. We were just hanging out and this guy comes up to us, he is CUTE and has the most beautiful smile, hair, eyes...and he wanted to talk to me!! ME! What? I know, I was shocked. At this point I didn't believe myself to be a very good looking person, nothing special and I wasn't an outspoken person (my, how things have changed!), or comfortable as the center of attention. Ricky was the homecoming King, the best looking kid in class, very popular...all the things I wasn't.

He ended up taking Hoe and I home in his little sports car (which was the best car in the area) and gave me a small kiss when he let us out. SMITTEN as a kitten I was. We started hanging out, a lot. He was a runner (yep, apparently my 'type') and used to run 8 miles up to the pool. He would get there all sweaty...and drive my 17yr old hormones crazy! We got pretty far on many occasions, but it wasn't until I feel in love with him that I was ready to take that next step. But I did, and it was awkward...the first time...and glorious...and I loved him even more.

Then the summer ended....and he broke my heart. Not right away. We promised to write, call, do all that sappy shit that teenagers promise. I got to school, he wrote me one letter (ONE!) that said that he started dating this chick the same week that I left. I went back a couple summers after that, he was getting married...yes, to that chick. And he almost called it off after we went driving and all of the feelings were still there. But alas, he went through with it. *Le sigh* And I continued on my path...that led me here.

I'm going back to NY this summer for Hoe's wedding (yippee!!) and I hope that he's there. I don't think he will be though...and that's probably good b/c there was a short period of time that I kind of got stalker like on him. :) Hey, I was young! Can you find my younger self?

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