Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 11

10 random songs from my iPod

Well, this is an easy one! Although I have a shuffle, so it's always shuffled. :)
  1. Gravedancer - Velvet Revolver
  2. Home - Daughtry
  3. Home - Sheryl Crow
  4. Hot in Here - Nelly (explicit version of course!)
  5. In Da Club - 50 Cent (Explicit once again)
  6. Into the Ocean - Blue October
  7. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
  8. Keep Away - Godsmack
  9. Lady Marmalade - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
  10. Lately - David Gray
Funny thing, this is what I take with me to run or do other cardio (aside from the bike b/c we all know my view on cyclists wearing headphones!!!) I love to run to slower songs, I'm sure it doesn't help my pace any, but it makes me happy.
Went out for D-Bomb's birthday last night. It was hellafun! Her husband rented a Hummer-Limo and there were 11 of us, drank too much, danced too much, wore high heels and make-up. Crazy good times. Trainer even went (he's such a trooper) and didn't say one thing when we went dancing at Rain (a Gay club in the heart of Austin!) I even danced in a cage...twice... Needless to say we cancelled our 80 mile ride for today. I will have to run, but that's much easier to do when feeling...well, 37 after a night out!

And as you can see, I'm getting back on the workout train. I did a spin session on Thursday, ran Friday morning and then swam 3600 meters with TB (tiny bunny) at lunch for an hour and a half! Today I'll run and possibly swim then tomorrow I will ride long. It feels good. My mind is good. Overall...good!

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Kelly said...

You are too cute!! Love that top!