Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 6

30 Interesting Things about ME

Okay, some of these may be repeats from the past, but if you're a new reader and not obsessive (like me) you may not have seen these!

1. I am not a morning person or a night person, I'm a day person.
2. I have no favorite color
3. My dad calls me Pumpkin, still. To this day. And I tend to call other people's kids Pumpkin.
4. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff.
5. I love my birthday, I try to make it last the entire month, although Trainer only indulges me with a week.
6. I've had 4 major surgeries, two that put me into the ICU.
7. I can play every instrument proficiently, with the exception of the guitar.
8. I love peanut butter. Love, love, love.
9. I did not want kids prior to learning that I cannot have kids. But it still hurt when I was told.
10. I work so I can live, I do not live to work.
11. I love the Fall, you still get the warmth but with some crispness in the air.
12. I have to work at being athletic, it does not come naturally.
13. I believe that everyone should read a contract before they sign it.
14. People that take advantage of 'the system' make me angry.
15. I love the Akita breed and cannot fathom owning a different kind of dog.
16. I want to write a 'coffee table book' about pizza, just travel, try different local pizza and write about it.
17. I love dark chocolate, red wine and black coffee. It's a rich (tasting) life.
18. I love breakfast in bed, fortunately I found someone who loves me enough that it happens often!
19. I love growing old, every year is a gift.
20. I love to read.
21. I love hanging out with my cronies (as Trainer affectionately calls my friends!)
22. I hate scary movies.
23. I am the middle child and have a classic case of Middle Child Syndrome.
24. I am messy by nature, but have a very organized mind.
25. I love buying athletic clothing.
26. I love road trips.
27. I love staying in expensive hotels.
28. I think the worst feeling in the world is rejection.
29. My favorite movies are: Chocolate`, Bridget Jones' Diary, any Harry Potter movie and the Bourne Series.
30. I am spoiled. And I deserve it!

Those are just 30 things. Wow, that is a lot of 'I' there! I hope everyone had a nice Easter and a fantastic Monday. Later Gators!


Shanna May said...

Didn't know about #2 or #28 but the rest... DUH!! I, too, like to stay in expensive hotels (so it truly sucks that I'm married to a guy who works for a cheap hotel chain - ugh!) I miss you!! OXOX

Kelly said...

I love these!!!