Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 4

My views on Religion

How to approach this... I guess I'll start with my background. I was raised Catholic, by my mother. My father's religion was Sunday football, which I learned to love and embrace. I was in the 'contemporary' choir and went to the 9am mass when I could drive myself. Before that my mom and I attended the 6 or 7am mass. I was baptized, I was confirmed, and then I went to college.

When you go away from home you leave everything you know. My church was pretty straight laced Catholic, Gregorian Chant was the early mass and what I was used to, even the 'contemporary' choir wasn't too loose. I went to Sunday mass on the ASU campus and was appalled. People were wearing SHORTS and FLIPFLOPS to church!! What kind of madness was this? There was no 'and also with you' part of the sermon, I just didn't get it, it didn't fit into what I knew, so I refused to go. No one cared anyway, no one was watching over my shoulder...which was why I went out of state to attend college. :)

After that experience I started learning more about Theology and religion and found that I really don't care for organized religion. Believing in one meant that you thought someone else's beliefs weren't just or correct. Perhaps that is an extremist's view?

My aunt once told me that astrology was the work of the devil...and that I shouldn't be reading that rubbish. Really? For real? I have more of a universal approach...for my belief system:

Everything happens for a reason.
There is a higher power that I pray to, but it is neither man or woman.
I will pray when I feel like praying, and my church is usually on the road, whether I'm running or riding.

That's about it. Wishy washy? Yeah, you could say that. Simplistic? Yeah, maybe that too. But I won't apologize for my belief system or lack of structure. That's it for today!
In training news (or lack of training) I ran today, 3 miles with D-Bomb and we did it so we could have coffee talk afterward. I love training days like today! I may actually get 4 or even 5 workouts in this week?? Crazy. I know.

What I believe makes images like this possible:

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