Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 9

How I hope my future will be

Hmmm, well, we already know what I would like the next 10 years to look like. Aside from material goods...I hope that my future will be spent living in Austin (or San Diego if the 1,800 square ft houses on the beach become affordable) and traveling with Trainer.

I also hope that one of my brothers have children that I can spoil so I can bribe them into taking care of me when I'm old! That is one (really the only one I see) downside of not having children. Although, my alternative plan is for T and I to check into one of those adult living areas (like the one from In Her Shoes) and party it up like we did in our 20s.

From now until retirement this is what I hope:
  • To be happy with what I'm doing for work
  • To open a wellness center with Trainer
  • To build a savings account that will leave us more than ready for retirement
  • To build a spending account for travel and then...well, travel!
  • To stay in shape and be participating in tris into my 70s!
  • To possibly, maybe, if the stars all align do an IronMan (shit...did I really write that?)
  • To write and publish at least one book
  • And a lot of other stuff that I cannot think of right now!
But for now I just want to be content with my life. Roll with the punches and keep a smile on my face every day.


Kelly said...

If you open a wellness center I am officially putting my application in for a job. Don't make me beg!!

I am loving all the cute pictures of you!!

The Sports Mama said...

There are lots of downsides to not having kids... you have to do your own dishes, take out your own trash, get up and get your own drink...

Although sometimes, I'm not sure those benefits are worth putting up with teenage attitude.

And I'm fairly certain that with the right incentive, you've got children of friends that would take care of you in your dottage. :) You know mine would, just to have a shot at playing with the puppies I know you'll have!